Director identification number – Deadline to apply – 30 November 2022

The deadline to obtain a director identification number is looming.

If you are a company director and haven’t yet applied for a Director ID, the TIME TO ACT IS NOW.

Directors appointed on or before 31 October 2021 must apply for a director identification number by 30 November 2022.

For Directors appointed to new roles after 31 October 2021, who do not yet hold a Director ID, you must obtain a Director ID asap.

Individuals now seeking to become a director must obtain a director identification number before they can be appointed.

What is a director identification number?

A Director ID is a unique identifier that is used to confirm a director’s identity and trace their involvement in the operation of companies.

All directors of Australian companies must have a Director ID.

What happens if you do not apply for a Director ID within the required time frame?A failure to have a Director ID when required to do so is an offence under the Corporations Act.

Civil penalties up to $1.1 million and criminal penalties up to $13,200 apply.

How to apply for a Director ID?

The Director ID application can be completed in three ways:

  1. If you have a myGovID the application can be completed online here: Apply for your director ID | Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS)
  2. You can complete a paper application which is available from our office. This will require proof of identity documents to be certified by a Justice of the Peace and copies posted along with your paper application.
  3. The application can also be completed over the phone by calling Australian Business Registry Services on 13 62 50.

Each of these processes require you to have access to certain documents to prove your identity. These requirements can be viewed here: Verify your identity | Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS)

For information on how to setup a MyGovID please go to

If you require assistance from us to apply for your Director ID, please contact Ashlea.

When you receive your Director ID, please notify us of the number for inclusion with your company records.

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