Director Identification Numbers

The Australian Government has announced the introduction of a new mandatory Director Identification Number (DIN/director ID) as part of the Modernising Business Registry (MBR) Program.

The roll-out came into effect from November 2021.

The DIN will provide accountability and traceability of a director’s relationships over time, across all companies and will provide information on a director’s involvement in what may be repeated unlawful activity, including illegal phoenix activity.

Key points

  • A DIN will be a legal requirement for all new and existing directors to hold.
  • A DIN is a unique 15 digit numerical identifier that an existing or intending director will apply for once and keep forever.
  • Only one DIN will be issued to each individual, once their identity has been verified.
  • The issued DIN will remain the same even if that persons stops being a company director, changes their name or moves overseas.
  • This will apply to directors of a company, body corporate or corporation.
  • It is not applicable to company secretaries.
  • Alternative directors are also required to apply for a DIN.
  • Directors must apply for their director ID themselves. No one can apply on their behalf, including registered agents and accountants.

How to apply for a DIN

Directors will need to apply online at Applications can be made from now and will require a MyGovID (an app you download on your smart device, different from MyGov) to complete the application process.

For information on how to setup a MyGovID please go to

When will a director need to apply for a DIN?

Transitional arrangements will allow directors to become familiar with the new requirement. When you need to have a director ID will depend on when you were appointed as a director.

If you are or will become a director, the deadline to obtain your director ID varies as follows:

  1. Existing directors appointed on or before 31 October 2021 are required to apply for a director ID before 30 November 2022, however existing company directors are encouraged to set up their myGovID in early 2022 so that they may obtain their director ID ahead of the deadline. We note that the application process is extremely new and we have heard of some technical issues with the process. For this reason, you may want to delay your application for a few months so that the initial technical issues can be resolved.
  2. If you are appointed as a director between 1 November 2021 and 4 April 2022 you must apply within 28 days of your appointment.
  3. If you are appointed after 4 April 2022 you must have a director ID prior to being appointed.

Once you have applied for your director ID number please notify us of the number for inclusion with your company records.

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